+250 Rhythm patterns

Find the groove.

With our many rhythmic motives for drums, bass and keys, start your song with a fresh groove and develop your musical ideas


+460 Chord progressions

Find the mood.

From simple diatonic chords to more advanced harmony (inversions, secondary dominant, diminished and extended chords, modal progressions, modal interchange,etc...)


+50 Samples packs

Find the sound.

Change the sounds of all instruments with our samples packs to find inspiration for your own productions

A new workflow in Music Composition & Production.

Music Generator

A simple and powerful user interface.

  • Tweakable knobs
  • Toggle buttons
  • Real-time playback and animations
  • Piano Roll
  • Timeline


Music Composer

A toolkit for all music creators.

  • Playful editable chord pads table
  • Powerful step sequencer
  • Mixing console
  • Live mix


Custom app

Keep and share your work.

  • Save & load as many presets as you want
  • Recall your settings at anytime
  • Undo/Redo functions
  • Save & Share audio mix/stems in .wav format
  • Save & Share Midi tracks and import to your DAW


Fresh musical ideas.

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